About us

Umbria Green Card project has been developed by Techne S.r.l., a company of services focused on technological innovation, global sustainability, planning of energy systems, which has been working in the field of renewable energies since August 2010.
Thanks to its highly specialized technical and professional competences, Techne provides an integrated management of planning and operating processes, giving clients a complete set of services covering the whole life of the machinery (from the evaluation of the project to production maximization and its subsequent management and maintenance).
Techne srl has a strong partnership with important national companies working in that field and has in a short time become a reference point, increasing its activities beyond the regional borders.


Umbria Green Card has the primary aim of connecting the Umbrian territory through a network of opportunities and services dedicated solely to Umbria Green Card holders.

In particular, Umbria Green Card has the following goals:

  • to enhance the development of sustainable tourism in Umbria with a “green” mark on its tourist itineraries which are accessible with zero emissions electric cars and retaining our Green Community clients;
  • to become a reference point for Incoming tourism in Umbria;
  • to increase the average stay of tourists in the Umbrian territory;
  • to allow the rediscovery and tourist usability of cultural attractions which are currently not accessible (i.e. churches often currently closed);
  • to contribute to the development of a virtuous path leading accommodation facilities and utilities towards energy saving and energy efficient solutions;
  • to be a positive drive for the increase of a regional facility for the recharging of the electric cars, through private small recharging columns by accommodation facilities as well;
  • to contributes to the fulfilment of the 20/20/20 objective established by the European Union in terms of a reduction of the primary sources energy, decrease of climate-changing gases and an increase in the percentage of renewable sources to cover final energy consumption.

The Sustainable Tourism Manifest 

  1. We would like to increase the development of sustainable tourism in Umbria.
  2. Respect of the environment, attention to the saving of energy and energetic efficiency and the use of energy from renewable sources are essential elements of our project.
  3. Our tourism has up to now enhanced consumerism, the illusion of having the landscape and the artistic works which are unchangeable and eternal at our disposal. We want to enhance respect, care and the need to protect them.
  4. We do believe that the world, Italy and Umbria in particular, are rich in a beauty to be protected and preserved: the beauty of nature.
  5. We want to pay tribute to those who drive and enjoy our itineraries and silently admire the world around them without polluting and damaging the environment.
  6. We want to contribute to the development of a facility where electric cars can be recharged making tourists, accommodation facilities and Public Authorities aware.
  7. We want to contribute to the development of a virtuous path leading accommodation facilities towards energy saving and energy efficient solutions.
  8. We want to glorify emotional tourism and increase the average stay of tourists in Umbria.
  9. We want to preserve museums, churches, and any kind of artistic works and promote their rediscovery and their usability, working hard to reopen buildings, monuments and artistic works which currently are not open to the tourists.
  10. The most beautiful beauty is the environment. Our tourism should be seen as the delicate and temporary living of our landscapes: tourists have the time to admire all the beauty around him, live them and love them without disturbing them or polluting them. We present this manifest for sustainable tourism from Umbria, but it is dedicated to the whole of Italy. We are developing the Umbria Green Card project with this goal in mind. We want to help our Region reduce the consumption of primary sources and gas emission, altering the climate and increasing the percentage of renewable sources to cover final consumption.

Teatro della Concordia, Monte Castello di Vibio, 29th November 2013